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Killing It: The Denying Yourself Principle

Take your life to the next level in God by attacking your flesh! In this week’s teaching of Killing It: The Deny Yourself Principle, Pastor Mike Freeman discusses the vital importance of killing the very thing that keeps the believer from succeeding in life and remaining sensitive to the voice of God – the flesh. For any seed, grab this teaching for a limited time and change your life!

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Denying Yourself Package

God is calling you to a higher dimension than what you have ever experienced in your life. He’s looking to increase every area of your life – but first you must DENY YOURSELF! In this package, Pastor Mike Freeman deals with dying to your flesh and submitting to the authority of Christ in your marriage, on your job, and in your life in its totality. The Word of God says that the flesh is hostile to God and unable to submit. In this Deny Yourself Package you will learn the necessities and the value in DENYING YOURSELF!

This package is valued at $105, but for a limited time you can purchase this entire series of 7 teachings for $35.

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