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On Sunday October 2nd, members of the Ballou High School marching band, located in the Greater D.C. metropolitan area, visited Spirit of Faith Christian Center. After voluntarily performing at the ministry’s athletic organization’s homecoming, the group was invited to return for Sunday service.

After acknowledging the band for their attendance that Sunday, the band shared that they had been fund raising to participate in a competition in South Carolina. With two weeks until the performance the group was still in need of $4400. Before the band instructor could finish, partners of Spirit of Faith began to leave their seats donating money to fund their trip. On behalf of the ministry, Pastor Mike Freeman donated $5000 in addition to the money donated by the partners.

Overwhelmed with gratefulness, the young band members began to leave their seats and gather in the front of the church hugging and crying in gratitude. The students and instructor were sent off with prayers and a life changing show of generosity.