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Daily Discipline, Sustained Success

No man wants to experience short-term, compartmentalized, or false success. Join us as we unlock how implementing a daily regimen of spiritual disciplines – prayer, meditation, studying God’s Word, etc.- ensures success that matters and lasts, in every area of our lives.
Sundays @ 6:00pm or Mondays @ 8:00pm

First Things First...Other Things When?

Have you ever wondered if God should have given us more than 24 hours to do everything that we need to do each day? Let’s explore and resolve exactly how to prioritize the many demands that are on us to be husbands, raise children, provide, and serve.
Thursdays @ 9:00pm

I’m Married, Now What?

You’ve had the wedding. You’ve enjoyed the honeymoon. What you do next will play a significant role in setting the tone for your marriage for years to come.
Tuesdays @ 7:30pm

Figuring Out Fatherhood

“BECAUSE I SAID SO!”…”DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!”…How far will we really get in directing our children with such tactics? Come and navigate the pressures and challenges of raising children in such a time where society is desensitized from the things of God.
Tuesdays @ 7:00pm or Thursdays @ 8:00pm

Handle Money, Have Money

How you handle your money, will determine how you have money. Ensure that you have the financial acumen and proper vehicles in place to be able to provide for your family now as well as to leave them the inheritance that they deserve.
Mondays @ 7:30pm


Solving the Sex Dilemma

We live in a sex-crazed world; one that has been pushing sexual imagery on us since we were young boys. The effects have been the destruction of our families and our destinies. This group will equip men with the mindset and practical strategies to achieve and maintain integrity below the belt.
Mondays @ 8:00pm or Tuesdays @ 7:00pm

Bodies that Build

Your anointing, your impact, and your influence are nothing without your body. Join us as we inform and inspire on how to walk in optimum health through effective eating and exercise principles.
Thursdays @ 8:30pm

Lighting Up Your Job

“What field of work are you in?”. It’s a question that often comes up in casual conversation as a way to ask someone what he does for a living. However, if we truly look at our jobs as being part of an actual field, we’ll be reminded that Jesus said, “the harvest (field) is plentiful. but the laborers are few.” In this group we will discuss how to use our lives as light to bring glory to God in our work environments.
Thursdays @ 8:00pm

Setting Your Family on Fire

Many times your family remembers “the old you” better than anyone else and is quick to throw your old ways up whenever they see you “trying to be spiritual.” This can make witnessing to them a unique challenge. Come learn how you can still be effective in your walk with those who are familiar with your past.
Mondays @ 8:00am

Seasoning Your Community

Because of your presence, the community in which you live has within it a resident agent of the Kingdom. Learn the power that you possess to be a witness of Christ and how to take down strongholds that exist in your community.
Tuesdays @ 9:00pm

Do I?

This group poses, discusses, and answers questions that should be asked BEFORE a man says “I Do”.
Tuesdays @ 8:00pm

Bouncing Back

Falls hurt. They hurt us and they hurt those whom we love. God’s best is for us not to fall, but if we do, He has provided grace and healing for us once we repent. Learn what it means to walk in true repentance so that healing can take place where needed.
Thursdays @ 8:30pm

God’s Entrepreneur

God has given us knowledge, skills, and talents that we can use to serve in business. We will discuss how to use these gifts and biblical principles to create, market, and distribute services and products that are of great benefit to our target customers.
Fridays @ 1:00pm

Victory Over Addiction

Drugs, alcohol, gambling, spending…Addiction can have a crippling effect on us and our families. The good news is, in Christ we have victory over any and all addictions. However, this victory must be walked out by faith and with help from other men. Join us as we discuss the practical steps of faith that we can take to overcome addiction and experience REAL victory.
Thursdays @ 8:30pm

Meet the New You

The new man that God has called you to be and the new life that He has called you to live, will only be manifested if you renew your mind. Join us as we share how you can introduce yourself and others to the NEW you.
Thursdays @ 7:00pm or Saturdays @ 8:00am

Living Blended

Blended families have grown to be very prominent in our society…and they certainly have their challenges. This group will help you navigate the waters of leading and loving a blended family.
Thursdays @ 9:30pm

man to MAN Transition

When we hit 18 years of age, and even earlier for some, we all feel it in our hearts: “I’m a man!” But the reality is that the transition itself into manhood can be a bumpy road. Decisions such as college, military, or career paths should be made with wise counsel. Other variables such as learning to live under someone else’s house (i.e., our parents) while being “a man” comes with challenges as well. Join us as we discover wise counsel that will not only assist us with transition, but will actually catapult us into being what God has said a real man should be.
Tuesdays @ 8:00pm

Playing the Long Game

You’ve been married for some years and you’re ready for better. Better can be bad to good, good to great, or great to GREATER! Join us as we challenge and help one another take our marriages to the next level.
Tuesdays @ 8:30pm