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120 Club

As believers, we must take care of our temples so that we may extend our days and live the 120 years God promised us. This group will share recipes, tips and hold each accountable to living and eating clean.

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Balance or Prioritize?

Dr. DeeDee has often made the comment when you balance it implies you have to give more weight to one thing over another. In this group, we will discuss prioritizing our lives just as Jesus prayed, in order to live stress-free.

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Bereavement is not about losing someone or something –  that part is only for a season. A believer must undergo the process of transitioning into a new normal. This group learns practical ways to prioritize our focus on healing through God’s love.


Caring for a sick, elderly, or disabled loved on can seem like an overwhelming task at times. This group will provide a safe place for caregivers to share stories, give and get advice and build community.

Defeating Loneliness

The bible is clear that the Lord is always with us, He never leaves.  This group will encourage each other to stand firm in knowing that we are never alone and developing closer relationships with the father.

Developing A Heart to Serve

Serving God is one of the most important principles of the Christian faith.  Having a servants heart means to not only put others needs ahead of our own, but to serve with the right motivation- to put God’s will first. This groups will help you develop a heart serve God, His people, and your ministry.

ECHO Millenials

Entrepreneurship: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

God has given us all different strengths, abilities, and talents that allow us to create a market for ourselves.  We must also remember that is He who gives us the ability to produce wealth. Together we will talk about having the confidence to own and operate a prosperous business.

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Fine, Free and Celibate: Being Complete in Him

Time to celebrate loving ourselves and being content within our single state, no matter what that looks like – whether it be divorced or never married… God desires for us to fulfill purpose no matter our marital status.

Forgiveness is For You

Just as God is faithful and just to forgive us, we are instructed to forgive one another.  Learn how to do away with offense and pursue peace by way of forgiveness.

Help, I’m Menopausal!

Seasons change and as we mature those changes come with side-effects.  Connect with other women to learn how they manage some of the emotional and physical changes of life that occur with aging.

I am Called

Five-fold ministry is a gift, but we must learn and develop the principles to function in our gifts according to the perfect will of God.  In this group, ladies who believe they have been called to biblical leadership will connect with the goal of learning how to prepare and operate in their callings.

i made it out

We all have been or will be faced with a difficult situation in life; the bible says that we shouldn’t think it strange that these things happen to us.  Join us as we study ways to overcome these situations and receive the victors crown.

Just for Moms

Moms are people too, but sometimes we are so busy caring for our children we neglect to care for ourselves. Learn how to be a mom after God’s own heart – caring for yourself and your children the way God would have you too.

Kingdom Principles in business

Have you always known that God has a bigger plan for you aside from your current employment?  This group will equip you with the tools to start and run the business you’ve been envisioning.

Let’s Pray Together/Intercessory Prayer

God appreciates people who pray fervently for other people.  Let’s come together and pray for our brothers and sister in Christ.

Loving the Father

Intimacy is the experience of really knowing or being known by another person. It is not spatial but relational.   In this group, we will learn how to truly trust God so that we may know Him more intimately.


Marriage isn’t for the faint at heart – it requires a level of selflessness that is likened to that of Christ’s love for the church.  This group will lay the foundation for new wives who desire to experience God’s best for marriage.

Raising Godly Children

In today’s world your child’s faith is more than likely to be challenged in more ways than one. This group will lay the foundation on how to train your child/children in the way he/she should go. Meet other Moms who love God and are committed to the process of seeing God’s promise fulfilled in the lives of their children.

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Single MomS

Raising children alone may not be ideal, but it can certainly be done.  This group will provide a sense of camaraderie and community amongst moms who desire to raise thriving children in single-parent households.

Startup Business

Have you always known that God has a bigger plan for you aside from your current employment? This group will equip you with the tools needed to start the business you’ve been envisioning.

Stay at Home Moms

God has a purpose for the stay at home mom and the working mom alike.  Meet other SAHMs who love God and are committed to caring for their homes while raising their children.

Transitioning Moms

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs a woman can have, but what happens when our children go away to college or get married and leave home?  This group will focus on enjoying ourselves in a new state of motherhood.

Victory Over Addictions

Whether it is food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or the like Christ has given us the power to overcome everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.  In this group, we will share experiences and discuss how to overcome addictions.

Victory Over the Mind

The Bible tells us to acknowledge God in all we do so that he can direct us.  When we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, we find that life is simple and easier to manage.  This group is dedicated to helping remind us how to rely on the “Helper” to guide us through life’s journey a life free of anxiety when we renew our minds to think as God thinks.

Women Who Worship

Many women have been known for their godliness: Ruth is known for her sacrifice, leaving her family and her gods to follow Yahweh. Hannah is known for her prayer. Mary, the mother of Christ, is known for her purity. Dorcas is known for helping the poor. Priscilla is known for her faithful ministry alongside her husband. These women didn’t distract others from worship—they enhanced the worship of all. Their example drew others, women and men, to clothe themselves with godliness.

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