Multimedia & A/V

Audio Ministry

Our audio ministry assists with the audio needs of each service so that the Word of God is easily heard.

Media Ministry

Our Media ministry records services and special events for broadcast purposes -provide DVDs to the bookstore for sales -produce, write, and edit all television broadcasts and place on air -coordinate with broadcast stations write, produce, and edit announcements for Faith News Video.

Photography Ministry

Serves SOFCC with skilled photographers charged with preserving and archiving SOFCC history by capturing events and special moments through photography.

Social Media

Uses various forms of electronic communication to create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos), through the social platforms of Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, et al.

Technology Team Network (TNT)

Promotes online sharing of information and resources between Spirit of Faith Christian Center’s ministry, the partners, and the World Wide Web community/Webmaster.

Marketing (Multimedia)

Advises on implementation of marketing strategies, promotion, and distribution of material.

Ministerial Ministries

Data Entry

Enters information obtained from each partner into the church database (MY SOFCC). This allows partners to be notified, via email or a phone call, of special announcements, upcoming events, the newsletter and other messages.

Personal Prayer

Ministry ministers to the spiritual needs of those who respond to the APPEALS given at the end of each service.

Fellowship Ministries

Mighty Men of Valor

Is a fellowship ministry for the development of men, spiritually, physically, mentally and financially through prayer, worship, fellowship and discussions about how to live a victorious Christian life as a single or married man.

Seasoned Saints

Is a fellowship ministry that provides a medium for communicating and addressing the spiritual, physical and social needs of those partners who are middle age (55-69) and mature (70+). The ministry is designed to help senior adults continue to grow spiritually and participate in various social activities.

Queens in Transition

Provides positive mentor/mentee relationships that promote spiritual growth and development for youth and young adults through educational and recreational activities.

YUNG Gents

Mentoring program for young men designed to provide positive mentor/mentee relationships that promote spiritual growth and development through organized educational and recreational activities.

Women Walking in the Word

Provides an opportunity for women to gain knowledge of God’s Word and discover how to walk (live) in His Word daily, through special meetings hosted by Dr. DeeDee.

First Impression Ministries


Opens the main entrance doors and greets partners and guests.

Helping Hands

Is the hospitality team that serves/greets the partners/visitors as they arrive, during their stay and as they leave. Assists with the altar call, baptism, CD sales, bathroom maintenance, and visitor packages.

Parking Ministry

Helps facilitate the orderly flow of traffic during SOFCC services.


Help ensure a smoothly running church service and minister to people in a variety of practical ways, including the distribution of the newsletter and offering envelops; receiving the offering; coordinating and positioning those who respond to the altar and serving as ‘catcher’ as they are being ministered to; seating the people and quelling disturbances.

Operations Ministries


Provides for the sale of products for SOFCC; records and dubs messages for all services; handles online, phone order sales to customers.

Security Ministry

Is to maintain an environment of peace and order during any function in which the Spirit of Faith Family has gathered


Provides shuttle service for various SOFCC services and coordinates transportation for special events.

Partnership Service Ministries

ASL Interpreting

Works to effectively facilitate communication and interaction between Deaf and Hearing partners, and to provide every deaf person in our sphere of influence with an experience that is culturally equivalent to that of the hearing so the deaf become disciples of Jesus and teach others to do the same.

Family Dedication

Teaches parents the scriptural principles on raising children in a mandatory 45-minute class, prepares gift baskets/bags, and assists parents in presenting their children for dedication during communion services.

Health & Wellness Ministry

Focuses on the health and well-being of partners’ physical and mental body through physical activity and meditating on scriptural principles for healing.

New Partners Ministry

Assists in welcoming and orienting new partners to SOFCC by facilitating a meeting hosted by Pastors Freeman in which they convey a clear understanding of the ministry’s foundation, culture, and purpose, as well as each partner’s role in supporting the vision of SOFCC. This ministry is responsible for all appropriate details related to the New Partners Orientation Meeting.

Partners Praying Together (PPT)

Is an intercessory prayer ministry committed to having the heart of our Pastor, and a listening ear to what the Spirit of God is saying. PPT covers our Pastors, the worship services, our partners, current events, and national affairs through daily prayer.

Teaching Ministries


Teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully operate their companies with integrity, character, and excellence.

New Partners Training Class

Is a series of classes that are a prerequisite for working in Ministry of Helps; to develop a strong foundation of basic biblical principles in new partners. Topics such as: Salvation, Baptism, The Holy Spirit, How to Pray, The Vision, Tithing and much more are taught.

Wealth Increase Now (W.I.N.)

Provides natural-world information about financial topics. We produce events, host classes and distribute information they need to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.


We are loving, serving, and impacting generations by faith, in excellence, one life at a time.